‘Yoga is the Art
and Science of
(- Indra Devi -)

‘See & Be Yoga’
(C & B YOGA)

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I have been going to C&B Yoga for around 8 weeks now and have loved every session. Our teacher is so enthusiastic and passionate and wants everyone who attends to have the best experience and to enjoy yoga as much as she does. I have personally learned so much about the benefits of each of the different movements and positions, which in turn has made me more mindful of my posture and staying flexible.

Linda Burling

I have been going to Connie’s yoga class since the beginning and I can honestly say that the benefits to me are great.
As someone who is at a desk all day, it is just what I need to get everything back to where it should be and also destress from the days work.
I was not someone who believed this would be for me, but it is and Connie is such a good teacher making sure she checks on people’s well-being and limitations as she goes through the lesson.
Very good

Kelly McBride

I would highly recommend C&B Yoga. I started going, having had no experience of yoga at all, but feeling a need to do something good for my body and general well-being. I find the classes both relaxing and demanding, the environment welcoming and focused, and I come away with a sense of having been good to myself. With three small children and a business, I find plenty of time is spent running after others, so to come to this class and have the opportunity to let go of the demands of the day, and put myself first for a short time is great. I enjoy the fact that the class content is varied and my flexibility is improving, but that there is still time for me to focus on breathing and relaxation.

Adele Bywater

I found Connie to be a very enthusiastic experienced instructor who was very caring and thoughtful in discussing my needs as a post c-section yogi returner.

Michelle Green

I am loving C&B Yoga classes – getting lots of mental and physical benefits of yoga. I love Connies teaching style and the supportive, welcoming environment at her classes.

Claire Rostron

The class with Connie has given me a new insight in how the body works and knowing that it needs the calm state once in a while.
The class is calm and I learn alot in every session.
I recommend Connie’s classes fully!

Liselotte Dickinson