About Corporate Yoga

Having spent more than 13 years in the corporate world, experiencing the stresses from deadline-driven work & projects and side-effects from sitting (or standing) at a desk all day, I understand the importance of mental health in the workplace. Mental health has long been an overlooked part of employee wellbeing. The stats are alarming. Recent research from Accenture shows:

• two out of three workers in the UK have experienced or are currently experiencing mental issues,
• nine out of ten have been generally affected by mental health issues.

According to the World Health Organization depression and anxiety have a significant impact on the global economy – costing an estimated US $1 trillion per year in lost productivity.

Benefits of incorporating yoga and mindfulness techniques in the workplace include:

• Increased employee retention and reduced employee absenteeism
• Enhanced employee motivation, creativity and sense of work morale
• Physical: reduced back, neck and shoulder pain, improved posture
• Mental: stress reduction; enhanced focus, concentration and productivity

If you want to invest in mental health training and create a positive work environment and culture, please contact me to discuss how to best implement strategies for the size and type of your business