About Teen Yoga (12 – 16 years)

Before Covid-19, young people already led very busy lives: juggling home and school, pressures of exams, peers and social media. The Children’s Society’s LIFE ON HOLD report published in July 2020 highlights the impact of Covid-19 on children’s and young people’s well-being.

Heightened feelings of anxiety and worry about family, health, friendships and an uncertain future contribute to low mood and a rise in mental health conditions in children and young people. Yet, it also highlights appreciation for their life pre-lock-down.
Music, art, connecting with family and friends, and sport help to support children’s and young people’s well-being during this difficult time and beyond.

Yoga and Mindfulness can be a valuable tool to navigate not just the ups & downs of adolescence but also make young people feel empowered to re-connect with themselves and others in a supportive, non-competitive environment.


• Dynamic yogic postures to release physical/mental tension, improve flexibility & posture, build strength & stamina
• Strategies for self-care
• Mindfulness & visualization practices; short meditations
• Breathing & relaxation techniques

• Improve overall well-being & sleep
• Reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and worry
• Build confidence & self-esteem
• Enhance focus, attention and concentration

Age Group: 12 – 16 years (these ages are just a guide)

Duration: 45min

Course runs weekly during term-time: Tuesdays (6pm – 6:45pm)

Next term dates: 2 Nov- 7 Dec 2021

Cost: £36 per term (6 weeks)

Registration and payment required prior to term commencement

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