About Postnatal Yoga

This postnatal yoga class welcomes mums with babies to focus on connecting with your body, mind and emotions, following the incredible journey that you have been on.
Regain core strength and relieve, stretch, and strengthen tired arms, backs, and shoulders in a friendly, relaxed, and supportive environment. Learn fun new ways to connect with your baby while enjoying the physical, mental and emotional benefits of yoga postures tailored for the post-partum body. Meet new parents in the community and share your new baby stories after class over tea.


• Increase core stability in abdomen, back and pelvic floor
• Open up & release tension from shoulders, chest and upper body (areas put under strain from feeding and carrying your new baby in the first few months)
• Decrease overall stress & promote relaxation
• Bond with your baby through play, touch, eye contact and singing
• Connect with other mums in a safe and supportive environment

Further Information:

• Suitable following the 6-8 week postnatal medical check-up or 12 weeks post C-section or other complications during birth (please obtain GP permission before practicing yoga)
• Suitable for babies from 6 weeks up until crawling
• Bring a blanket/pillow for baby to lay on and favourite toys
• Wear loose, comfortable clothing that allow movement
• Prior to the 1st class a health questionnaire needs to be completed
• If you are running late, please don’t worry, come on in
• I actively encourage you to meet your baby’s needs to feed/ change/cuddle/soothe baby and even giggle at any time
• There is an option to stay and enjoy a cup of (herbal) tea together afterwards

Parking Available

Buggy access & area for buggies/prams/car seats in the building

Microwave & fridge 

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