MARCH 2020

MARCH 2020

March 2020: the beginning of a much-needed (global) shift

Life is precious!
The last few days, weeks and even months have brought home that life can change in the blink of an eye. Regardless of the amount of money, number of Likes & Followers on Social Media, skin-colour, religion, ethnic race, nationality, education, …. we are all in the same boat. Globalisation has reached a state of connectivity as never experienced before.

In a world obsessed with likeability, the need for external validation, status, material possessions, competitiveness and power, a much-needed shift starts to happen and impacts all of us: VULNERABILITY
… and the realisation that we are all part of a larger puzzle and things that actually matter in life cannot be measured in monetary terms.

The basic human need for survival and the appreciation of simple things in life (i.e. food/water, good health, family/friends, connection, contentment, freedom) begins to unfold. For many, this is completely new territory and the feeling of being out of control creates uncertainty and fear.

Emotional strength & resilience, the ability to remain calm amidst difficulty and hardship, will need to be unlocked to ride the waves of change and go with the flow rather than resist the challenges upon us.

It has already become clear that the coronavirus (COVID-19) will shake up the world and valuable lessons need to be learnt by all of us. With challenge and change comes opportunity.

Mankind and humanity will hopefully experience a much-needed shift on an emotional level leading to better choices and actions. These lessons will certainly not be understood by everyone – but those who care will be able to create something better and make less self-centred choices.

* * *
Being able to remind people of their innate wisdom and to give them the tools to tap into it during difficult times, is rewarding, eye-opening and transformative.

We all should embrace the opportunity to reflect and trust that this shift and growth is needed to bring us back home to our true, compassionate and authentic Selfs.

Coronavirus serves as a reminder that our time on this earth is limited, all our actions have consequences and we need to take (collective) responsibility to better look after ourselves, the vulnerable, our surroundings & communities and the planet as a whole.

Compassion – Connection – Community

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