APRIL 2020

APRIL 2020

April 2020: Transformational shifts through self-healing and reflection

“Try not to resist the changes that come your way. Instead let life live through you. And do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?” (Rumi)

Something so tiny and invisible to the eye, a microbe, smaller than a grain of sand, has turned the whole world upside down, brought all of us down on to our knees and caused us to put our lives – as we know them – on hold. This contagious and clever little virus is a game changer and pierces through every layer of our being. It pushes us to face what we have been trying to avoid and running away from all along – re-evaluating our lives, values, patterns, habits and lifestyles. What lessons has the virus in store for us?

Beyond geographic and societal boundaries, the virus’ first lesson is to make us realize how truly (inter-)connected we are. Spreading globally no one appears to be immune to it. We feel damaged, in pain, hurt, vulnerable and out of control. The virus makes us stop, pause, slow down: no flying, driving, rushing around, consuming, partying. Things have become too extreme and out-of-balance.Strangely, the world we created a long time ago seems to reverse roles: we are being sent home to our houses (no running away from things we don’t want to deal with) and we find ourselves alone, outcast and fearsome. Weren’t humans the ones locking up animals in cages…? Within a very short period of time, nature takes back the reins: animals retreat from their shelters, the air becomes cleaner and clearer. While the Earth is recovering and starting to breathe again, humans are fighting for oxygen which no money in the world can buy.

The pandemic also exposed the fact that the best paid are not essential, triggering some soul-searching among those who seemed to ‘have it all’.

Historically, pandemics have forced humans to break with the past and imagine their world anew.

Interestingly, the Latin word corona means crown.

Our crown chakra sits like a crown on the top of our head. It represents light, awareness, wisdom and all that is sacred. A race against time forces the world to put their heads together, to collaborate and cooperate – a vaccine appears to be the solution. But will it really solve what it is supposed to solve? Perhaps the actual solution lies within us to identify a new way of living – a life in harmony with ourselves and others?

Another lesson the virus taught us is to take care of our (physical, emotional and mental) health: Eating healthy and nutritious foods, exercising regularly, spending time outdoors (not hunched behind electronic devices), prioritising the quality not quantity of friendships, re-discovering our (long forgotten) creativity through cooking, creating, DIY, gardening, etc. Our best defence appears to be a strong body and mind which brings us also to the holistic practice of yoga and meditation, ultimately seeking enlightenment.

The road ahead is bumpy and there is no magic wand. Self-healing and reflection are key to our progress and growth. Every person’s individual effort actually does count.

Self-healing includes facing all our wounds, triggers, pains and stuff that sets us off – reflecting upon years of unhelpful patterns, attitudes and behaviours, identifying our strengths and weaknesses. Even though we feel wounded and scared, we have now the time and space to think about the things we want in life, the impact we want to have on the world, the gift we want to leave behind, dream new dreams and become inspired by the opportunities to transform and create a sustainable planet for future generations.

The crown chakra represents the ruling principle of life, the conscious and unconscious, the means through which we reach understanding and find meaning.

How we choose to reshape our world when we emerge from the Covid-19 crisis or turning point is down to each of us.

Compassion – Connection – Community